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Wikwood Associates is a
residential architectural design firm
specializing in
both remodeling and new
construction. Owners Mason Sherwood and
Mark Franke have the experience and knowledge
to help you create your dream home.                       

We work directly with you from the first meeting to
the open house. You have our personal attention during
the entire project.                                                            

We believe in a collaborative process. You are
involved in every decision.  We discuss
concepts and ideas with you as we
develop your design

The renderings shown here are for a client who has worked with us for over 22 years .  The home, located on the Pacific Coast in La Jolla, California is our eighth project together.  We discussed style, massing, room relationships, furniture placement and many other factors to create a home that exactly meets their needs.  The design takes full advantage of the site and its spectacular views.  It is scaled to its surrounding community, yet is large enough for visiting grandchildren.  Its Arts and Crafts style recalls the past, yet the design is original and Fresh.